What differences Kstone acrylic solid surface between Corian,Staron,HI-MACS,Tristone and so on.


Distinguishing Kstone Acrylic Solid Surface from Corian, Staron, HI-MACS, Tristone, Hanex,Grandex and Others

Kstone stands as the leading acrylic solid surface brand in China, backed by over 13 years of manufacturing and exporting expertise. Nevertheless, many importers remain unfamiliar with China’s acrylic solid surface products, often assuming that Chinese products are of lower quality and cheaper. This perception often extends to comparisons with well-known brands like Corian, Hanex, Staron, HI-MACS, and Tristone, with some believing that the quality falls significantly short. However, the reality is quite different.

Over the decades, China has made remarkable strides in acrylic solid surface development, with Kstone at the forefront, mastering the entire production process. Whether it’s the production equipment or raw materials, Kstone remains on par with these established brands, consistently delivering high-quality acrylic solid surface sheets. As a professional OEM factory, Kstone has supplied products to more than 50 global brands, achieving outstanding sales performance in its market.

For instance, in terms of production equipment, Kstone employs the same cutting-edge machinery used by Hanex, Staron, and LG-HI-MACS: a fully automatic rubber belt production line that effectively prevents plate bending and deformation. Dry sanding equipment, imported from Italy, is employed, featuring four sanding steps for both the front and back of the plates. The water polishing line machines, imported from Germany, are originally designed for quartz stone but are used to achieve a glossy finish of up to 90% on Kstone acrylic solid surface.

Regarding raw materials, acrylic resins and aluminum powders are integral components of acrylic solid surface sheets. Kstone utilizes the same MMA resins as DuPont, produced by the American company Lucite. Furthermore, Kstone employs high-quality 15mm and 25mm powder.

Kstone offers an extensive color palette, exceeding 200 unique shades, and possesses independent research and development capabilities, providing a more extensive range of colors than many competing brands.

Kstone’s commitment to product quality is evident in its warranty period, offering customers over 10 years of quality assurance.

In terms of flexibility, Kstone can be freely bent after heating to 180 degrees and has contributed materials to over 100 global commercial and residential projects. Kstone is also entrusted with producing display countertop materials for renowned brands such as Prada, Rolex, Huawei, Apple, KFC, and more.

Color consistency is another area where Kstone excels, with the ability to maintain color consistency within a 5% deviation for the same shade produced within six months.

In conclusion, despite the challenges posed by factors like COVID-19 and the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, which have driven up raw material costs globally, Kstone remains committed to producing high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring the satisfaction of its global clientele.

Rest assured, Kstone’s acrylic solid surface continues to deliver top-tier quality and exceptional service.


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