What differences Kstone acrylic solid surface between Corian,Staron,HI-MACS,Tristone and so on.

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Kstone is the most popular acrylic solid surface brand in china. We have more than 13 year’s manufacturing and exporting experience. However, Many importers do not know much about china’s acrylic solid surfaces. they all think that the quality of products made in China is low and the price is cheaper. Compared with Corian, Hanex, Staron, HI-MACS, Tristone. The quality is much worse. In fact, with the development of acrylic solid surfaces in China for decades. Kstone has completely mastered the production process of solid surface sheets. Whether from the production equipment and raw materials

Kstone has been consistent with these brands And producing high-quality acrylic solid surface sheets. As a professional OEM factory, Kstone was provided products for more than 50 brands around the world and has achieved excellent sales results in its market.

For example, production equipment, Currently, Kstone is using the same equipment with Hanex, Staron, and LG-HI-MACS. It is a fully automatic rubber belt production line, which greatly avoids the bending and deformation of the plates. The dry sand equipment is all imported from Italy. Same with Hanex, the front and back of the plates, All go through 4 sanding procedures. The water polishing line machines are imported from Germany. It is polishing equipment for quartz stone. It is used on kstone acrylic solid surface and makes glossiness reaches 90.

As raw materials, acrylic resins and aluminum powders account for a large proportion of acrylic solid surface sheets. The Kstone used the same MMA resins as DuPont, which is produced by Lucite Company of America.Good 15mm and 25MM powder

In terms of colors, kstone has been produced more than 200 kinds of colors, And also has independent research and development capabilities. There are far more colors than these brands operate.

Like the product warranty period, Kstone provides customers with more than 10 years of quality assurance.

For bending performance, Kstone can be bent freely after being heated to 180 degrees, and currently provides materials for more than 100 commercial and residential projects around the world. Also provide display countertop materials for world-famous brands, like, Prada, Rolex, Huawei, Apple, KFC, etc

Like chromatic aberration control, kstone can achieve that the chromatic aberration of the same color produced within half a year will not exceed 5%

In a word, Because of COVID-19 and the Ukrainian-Russian war has caused the cost of raw materials to continue to rise. At present, under the severe global economic situation, Kstone has always produced high-quality products and competitive prices to escort global customers.

Kstone-acrylic solid surface will supply high-quality products and good services

Date: 4th, MARCH, 2022


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