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All you need to do is submit the design of the acrylic solid surface to us, and our professional team and state-of-the-art machines can quickly proof it in seven days and send you a sample for free.

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100% Pure Acrylic Solid Surface

100% Pure acrylic solid surface is a premium material composed entirely of acrylic resins and ATH. This innovative product boasts a flawless combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. it offers superior strength and longevity. Its non-porous surface prevents the absorption of stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, the material exhibits exceptional resistance to scratches and impacts. Pure acrylic solid surface is a versatile and elegant choice for various applications, providing a sleek and modern finish to any space.

Modified Acrylic Solid Surface

Composite acrylic solid surface is a high-quality material crafted from a blend of Unsaturated Polyester Resin and Aluminium hydroxide powder. This unique composition imparts the product with excellent durability and aesthetics. The combination of resins and minerals results in a sturdy surface that is resistant to scratches and stains. Its non-porous nature makes it easy to clean and maintain. Composite acrylic solid surface offers a versatile solution for various applications, providing a durable and stylish finish for different spaces.

Acrylic Solid Surface Adhesive

Acrylic solid surface adhesive is a specialized glue formulated primarily with acrylic resin components. This adhesive is designed for bonding and installing acrylic solid surfaces. Its composition ensures strong adhesion and a secure bond. The adhesive is known for its quick curing time, Allowing for efficient installation. It provides excellent durability and resistance to environmental factors. Acrylic solid surface, Acrylic adhesive is a reliable solution for seamlessly joining and installing acrylic solid surfaces with precision and stability.

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Kstone-acrylic solid surface sheet with good quality. Good materils for countertops

Ron Burnwood

Very professional factory of acrylic solid surface.good colors,good quality. We have more than 10 years cooperations

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Kstone acrylic solid surface is reliable. Good bending performance. It is good material for Commercial Space

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