The Kstone acrylic solid surface production process


The Production process of Kstone acrylic solid surface sheets.


 Kstone is a professional manufacturer of acrylic solid surface sheets. With 13 years of production experience. We only supply nice colors and high sheets.  Please allow me to show you the full production process.

1. Raw material mixing

MMA, PMMA, ATH, and so on.  Mix all material together. Make it reach to a certain temperature

2. Pouring

All the mixture material is poured on the automatic production line.


Our production line length is reached to 90m. Heat full and make sheet hard.

4. Demold

Take off sheets from production lines, and leave it for more than 2 days.

5. Dry Sand

Dry sand sheets for the surface and back of sheets.

 6. Cutting.

Cut sheets to standard size.

7. Water polishing

Polish the surface of sheets. Reach to 1200#.

 8. Packing,printing, Inspect quality

Packing films and special printing according to customer’s requirements. Grand B sheets will leave in our factory.

 9. Loading and Delivery.

 Kstone-acrylic solid surface will supply high-quality products and good services


 Date:30th, November 2021


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