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How can bending the Modified acrylic solid surface

modified acrylic solid surface bending

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Our Modified acrylic solid surface is basically consist of UPR, MMA, and [AL(OH)3]. There are about the ratio of 8~10% MMA, about 26% UPR including 0.3% Anti- UV resin and 63% [AL(OH)3]

Our Modified acrylic solid surface can bending with small degree, Minimum is around 50 degree.

How can bending modified acrylic solid surface ?

1-By Oven.

Put the sheet in oven, and make temperature to 100 C’ in Summer, Make to 120 C’ in Winter, It takes around 20mins~30mins.   And bending Modified acrylic solid surface on moulds by slowly.

Bending Problems Solutions

-Yellow changed. Because, Long time in Owen. Or Temperature higher and more than 120C’

-Sheets Crack. Because, Generally Speaking. For modified acrylic. The better to bending pure white and small chips color. Do not bending big chips color.

-Bending unavailable. Because. The temperature or Time not enough.

2-By Hot Water

USe 100C’ hot water to bending,  Put sheets on Mould. and using hot water slowly by slowly.


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