The difference between 100% acrylic solid surface and modified acrylic solid surface

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1.Raw material

A). UPR means Unsaturated Polyester Resin

B). MMA means Methyl Methacrylate

C). [AL(OH)3] means Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Powder

Modified acrylic solid surface is basically consist of UPR, MMA, and [AL(OH)3]. There are about the ratio of 8~10% MMA, about 26% UPR including 0.3% Anti-UV resin and 63% [AL(OH)3]

100% acrylic solid surface is basically consist of 43%  MMA,  555% [AL(OH)3] and the natural pigment.


The 100% acrylic is harder than modified acrylic. The modified acrylic of barthel hardness is about 58~60. The 100% acrylic is about 70.


More than  80 centigrade for modified acrylic material ,Bending diameter about 450mm .

More than 120 centigrade for 100% acrylic solid surface,About one hour. It can be bent into any shape.

4.Physicak Characterristics

The shock resistance, pressure resistance, bending resistance, Absorbency and so on of 100% acrylic is better than Modified acrylic.

5.Chemical characteristics

The 100% acrylic of yellowing resistance, heat resistance, soiling resistance,acidity,basicity  of resistance is better than Modified acrylic

6.How check which is 100% acrylic or Modified acrylic

1.You can burn a little samples. The 100% acrylic will distribute the perfume, The Modified is odorous

2.Cut the sheets. The 100% acrylic is easy to cut, But, Modified is not. Besides, When you cut 100% acrylic , the material just like snow piece. But, Modified has more dust.

3.You can put down the boiling water on the surface.the modified acrylic of surface will turned into white ,but 100% acrylic will keep intact


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