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How care and maintenance acrylic solid surface countertops

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How to maintain and refurbish Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops
1-Use a household rag
It doesn’t matter if it’s dark or light countertops, Due to the acrylic surface solid is non-porous, use detergent spray on the surface, and be careful not to use a rough cloth to avoid scratching the surface, instead, swab the acrylic solid surface countertops with a soft cloth or sponge
2- Strong acids and high temperatures
Although the acrylic solid surface is acid resistant, high-temperature resistant, like cola, strong acid left on the table, please do not leave it for 72 hours, please wipe immediately. In addition, the acrylic solid surface can withstand temperatures as high as 180 degrees Celsius but do not place heated kitchen utensils directly on the surface, preferably with a cushion under it to ensure a durable countertop
3- Countertop cracking
As a result of Ambry deformation or gravity, Make the solid surface countertops crack. If meet this problem, please let the fabricator carry the same color scrap material, Cut the place of the cracks, scrap material embedded in, and polish. Because the acrylic solid surface is seamless. You Won’t be able to see any gaps
4- The countertops looks like antiquated with scratch marks
In fact, this is a very simple question. Only need fabricator to polish all with Dust-free equipment. The countertops will looks good as new.
Hope this information is useful for you.
Thanks very much.

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