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Acrylic Solid Surface Applications

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Applications of Kstone acrylic solid surface sheets


Since 2009 year, Shanghai kstone Industrial Co., Ltd has produced acrylic solid surfaces for 12 years.

The world’s first acrylic solid surface was researched and invented by DuPont in the mid-1960s. It is made of natural minerals (alumina trihydrate) as the main ingredient (55%), plus methyl methacrylate (40%), and then kneaded with pigments (5%). It has the characteristics of non-permeability, anti-fouling, and inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is widely used in various fields such as cabinet countertops, sink countertops, window sills, indoor and outdoor walls, furniture, lighting, etc.

For more than 50 years acrylic solid surfaces have been introduced to maintain a leading position in the field of decoration applications and are favored by many users. This recognition stems from its high quality, noble temperament, and enduring fashion style. Acrylic solid surface has higher chemical and physical properties And better than granite, natural stone&quartz stone.

Features and advantages

In addition to appearance, the acrylic solid surface has many advantages, and users agree that it is good value for money. The composition of acrylic solid surface is made of 40% methyl methacrylate (MMA), which is used to make dentures, 55% aluminum trihydrate (ATH), a natural mineral, and the remaining 5% is pigment. An artificial stone slab has the same density and composition from head to tail, top to bottom, with high density and no holes. It prevents dirt, oil, dust, ultraviolet rays, etc. from penetrating into the inner layer. Once the surface is cleaned, it can be clean and hygienic, and there is no need to worry about the accumulation of dirt in the board, which may cause bacteria to grow. This feature is especially important for kitchens used to process food. In addition, since ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate into acrylic’s internal components, the pigments will not be affected or damaged by the injected ultraviolet rays, so the artificial stone can be used for a long time without turning yellow.

The unique advantages of acrylic solid surface slabs are listed as follows:

•Durable, long-term use can still ensure beautiful as new

•Easy to clean

•High density and non-porous, no dirt, clean and hygienic

•Anti-ultraviolet rays, not easy to turn yellow

•Heat resistance, impact resistance, not easy to crack

•Easy to repair, leaving no trace

•Each color plate meets NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards, which proves that it can be in direct touch with foods

•Volatile organic compound (VOC) content is low, in line with the international GREENGUARD standard

•Connect with the glue of the same color to achieve the seamless effect, beautiful and sanitary

•Fashionable colors, rich choices

•When fabrication, it can be heated to create different shapes or curvatures to create furniture, etc., or to match other designs

•10 years product guarantee

•High-quality professional after-sales service

Solid Surface Uses: View our Gallery applications

1-Kitchen Countertops-Better than Granite, Marble, and nurture stone

2-Office Desktops- Rich colors and seamless

3-Commercial Spaces- Strong continuity and Various shapes

4-Bathroom-Many kinds of sinks

5-Showroom-Supply many designs for you

6-Senior Hospital- Non-permeable and sterile

7-Solid Surface Wall-Nice material for wall

8-Airport-Use for airports in all of the world

9-Arts- Make all kinds of artworks

10-Lamplight- Hollowable and lamplight

11-School- The safest material


The Kstone Acrylic solid surface is your best choice.



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