China Acrylic Solid Surface price analysis


What Price of acrylic solid surface in china


Currently, Many importers buy 100% acrylic solid surface, Composite acrylic solid surface, and polyester from china. Every supplier quoted different prices. And the product quality is different. This article is going to guide you how can buy cost-effective solid surface materials. Well known, You get what you pay for. You can’t get good quality products at lower prices. Each price corresponds to the corresponding solid surface material

The details are as follows: The following price analysis is based on 3680x760x12mm

1. Pure 100% acrylic solid surface

Price range:100$~140$

Because of 100% acrylic solid surface is made of MMA resin. Currently, Most suppliers use MMA from LG-Korean, Lucite-USA, and Mitsubishi-Japan. However, Some suppliers use recycled MMA resin material and composite acrylic chips in 100% acrylic solid surface. It leads to price with big differences, So. In my mind, It is really pure 100% acrylic if the price higher than 115$.

2. Composite Acrylic Solid Surface

Price range:77$~95$

Modified acrylic solid surface is made of UPR resin, 4%~8%MMA resin, and UV. Mainly use resin materials from China. There are many resin suppliers in china. Different supplier supply different quality resin. So, It makes a big different quotation. For example, Some suppliers used URP resin without MMA and UV. It will make solid surface countertops easy to crack, bend, yellow change, and so on. But, As a buyer. You don’t know if the composite is including MMA resin or not. My suggestion is it is really modified acrylic if the price is more than 85$.

3. Polyester Solid Surface

Price Range:75$~85$

In fact, Most suppliers don’t add MMA resin and UV. So, It was called polyester. However, Some factories use bad quality resin to produce polyester solid surfaces and called them modified acrylic. So, It is polyester in this price range.

In summary, Different prices correspond to different materials, I hope this article can help you to buy really good solid surface material

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