What is kstone® composite/modified acrylic solid surface

Acrylic solid surface sheets

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Please check here What is Kstone® modified(composite) acrylic solid surface


1). UPR means Unsaturated Polyester Resin

2). MMA means Methyl Methacrylate

3). [AL(OH)3] means Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Powder


Kstone® Modified Acrylic solid surface basically consists of UPR, MMA, and [AL(OH)3]. There are about the ratio of 8%~10% MMA, about 25% UPR including 0.3% Anti-UV resin and 63% [AL(OH)3]


Benefits of Modified acrylic solid surface

10 yeas Warranty

Seamless Joins


Can be repaired and polished back to new

Inexpensive to maintain

Enviomentely friendly and can be recycled

Can be thermoformed and shaped

Chemical, stain, and heat resistant

Over 100 colors are available to choose from.

Warm to touch, unlike stone.

Competitive pricing

The new generation of inexpensive benchtop technology


Applications for the Kstone®Modified Acrylic Solid Surfaces


Kitchen benchtops with integrated sinks and splashbacks

Bathroom surfaces, benchtops, and vanities with integrated bowls

Bath and shower surrounds

Wall cladding

Custom-made furniture: objects of art.


Office, Hospitality, and Medical



Reception desks

Washroom benchtops


Food preparation areas

Commercial fit-outs including:

Expressed and seamless wall cladding

Lift and foyer surround.

Bar surfaces


Specifications for the Kstone® Modified Acrylic Solid Surface Products

Length from2440mm to 3680mm; width from 600mm to900; thickness from 6mm to 30mm, Other special sizes are available


Advantages of the Kstone® Modified Acrylic Solid Surface Products


Acrylic solid surfaces can be joined together seamlessly to create a one-piece homogenous look, giving virtually unlimited design possibilities as a decorative surface.

Bending available

Our Modified acrylic solid surface also can bend at small angle. Like below pictures

 solid surface countertops material

modified acrylic solid surface bending 


Acrylic solid surface is a non-porous material. It is solid through its entire thickness and can be fabricated with inconspicuous seams, rendering its surface hygienic. Acrylic solid surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.


Modified Acrylic solid surfaces are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored to their original condition.

Modified Acrylic solid surface can be thermoformed in wooden or metal molds at controlled temperatures in order to create various 2D and 3D design objects.

 Environmentally Friendly

Modified Acrylic solid surface is manufactured in compliance with strict standards in order to limit waste and energy consumption at all stages of the production process. Both the material itself and the joining adhesive are GREEN GUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® as producing low VOC emissions. Modified Acrylic solid surface can also help commercial building projects obtain credit points toward achieving their desired Green Star rating.


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